Beat 68: Escot Park

River Tale


About Beat 68: Escot Park

1.2km of double banked fishing on the River Tale. This is small stream fishing at its best, clear flowing waters with numerous deep pools and glides, intermixed with shallow gravel beds, giving anglers a chance at close ranged fly fishing for some of Devon's finest, and fattest trout. Strict Balsam control by volunteers has allowed varied species of grasses, shrubs and trees to flourish along the riparian zone, providing year round cover for the Tales resident trout, and often supplying them with a platter of terrestrials insects. The clean gravels host an array of aquatic invertebrates with Mayfly, Caddis, Stonefly all being commonplace, the silted back eddies house millions of midge larvae, which provides excellent early season fishing when the fishing can be tricky. We recommend that anglers wade upstream slowly, fishing the pools, glides and runs with a single fly or Klink'n'dink. fly set ups between 6-8' #0-4 are advised on this water. Anglers should use Bow&Arrow, side and roll casts to fish in amongst the tight spaced areas and where applicable utilize an overhead or steeple cast against the high banks to lay out a longer line.

Fish Species

Brown Trout
Sea Trout

Season Dates

Start Date
15th March
End Date
1st October

Information & restrictions

Fly fishing only. Catch and release of all fish. We recommend the use of waders as the riparian zone can be tricky to navigate.

Directions & access

To navigate to this Beat via Fish Pass app on your mobile device using maps, scroll to the bottom of this Beat page and click “Tap to explore” on the map, then tap the Navigation Arrow Icon on the Map.

Beat map

Lat 50.776306
Long -3.298694
Recent Catches

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17th June 2022

5 × Brown Trout
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