Beat 25: St Leonard’s



About Beat 25: St Leonard’s

1.3 Km of RHB. Trout and grayling fishing with occasional Sea trout on the River Kensey at Polson, not far from Launceston. This is a lovely small river, best fished with a short, light rod (we cannot stress this enough as casting space is limited) more often a bow and arrow cast will be necessary to land a dry or single nymph into the scoured pockets and glides of this beat. If it is not too coloured, fish the deeper runs where good fish lie on the bottom and will move fast for any morsel. Although the Kensey is lightly fished, it consistently produces larger trout and grayling. 2020/21 saw habitat and angling improvement work delivered along this beat by Westcountry Rivers Trust. The fishing in 2021 was relatively quiet on this small stream, this is unsurprising given the very low prolonged waters experience in 2021. When the river did experience some rain, the fishing livened up dramatically, with anglers catching respectable brown trout up to 12” and Grayling to 11”. As it quite often the case, a couple Sea trout were hooked by anglers at St Leonards in late summer, with one nice fish of 12” landed. THIS BEAT PARTIALLY BORDERS A PAINTBALL AREA, PLEASE ASK AT THE EQUESTRIAN CENTER IF THERE IS ANYONE PLAYING AND USE COMMON SENSE ABOUT FISHING, AND WHERE, SHOULD THIS BE THE CASE.

Fish Species

Brown Trout
Sea Trout

Season Dates

Start Date
15th March
End Date
31st October

Information & restrictions

Brown & Sea trout season runs from 15th March to 30th September. Grayling season from June 16th to 31th October. Fly and spinner only. All trout under 7” must be returned, no more than 2 trout and 1 sea trout to be retained per day. Please return all Grayling. There is a café in the Equestrian Centre serving hot and cold food and drink which anglers are welcome to use – tel. 01566 775543.

Directions & access

To navigate to this Beat via Fish Pass app on your mobile device using maps, scroll to the bottom of this Beat page and click “Tap to explore” on the map, then tap the Navigation Arrow Icon on the map. From Launceston follow the A338 towards Polson. Opposite the rugby pitch turn left following signs to St. Leonards Equestrian Centre. The main car park is on the left and the box is in the courtyard on the fence close to the entrance into the stables.

Beat map

Lat 50.6393122
Long -4.3335579
Recent Catches

These are the very latest catch returns for this beat

8th October 2021

5 × Brown Trout
1 × Sea Trout

23rd October 2021

10 × Brown Trout
1 × Grayling

4th May 2022

2 × Brown Trout

14th May 2022

5 × Brown Trout
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